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BIOGRAPHY My name is Araminta, I'm from Chicago, il. Ive been writing all my life like most authors just never had anything published. I wrote a short in early summer 2015 and let my Cousin read it just for fun. She sent it to her publisher without my knowledge and the rest is history. My first series is called Camilla and Sean: A Counterfeit Love Story and is a series of 3, my first novel topped #4 in urban and women's fiction. Im also a Medical Assisting student when I'm not writing.
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A Synful Betrayal

by: Araminta

Eighteen year old Miko was a wise beyond his years and dominated the streets of south Atlanta. He was everything to Syn and everything she knew she learned from him. Miko's word was law and everyone knew Syn was the untouchable princess. Miko molded Syn into being the baddest chick and the heaviest dealer Atlanta’s seen in decades. After Syn met Talis she began to question her role in the game. Was she doing it because she loved the game or was it because she wanted to prove her loyalty for Miko? Blind sided by love for one and fueled with the desire of revenge by the other, Syn is just another woman Scorned by the Game.

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