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BIOGRAPHY CG Blade is an author, creative writer, engineer, and robot programmer. An avid science fiction reader and lover of horror, his twisting and ever-turning plots, and narratives, rely heavily on past and present scientific research and the human condition. Melding the past with the future, these novels are carefully mixed and stirred with music lyrics, real people, historical fiction, and the possibilities of artificial intelligence run amok. Fused with satirical commentary, he continues his science fiction writing with Onyx: Tetra Addendum, Heliotrope: Pente Addendum, Indigo, and Chrome. He currently lives in Ohio with his wife Jackie, and their three cats.
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Trinity Series Mixture

by: CG Blade,Cad Gelb,Cindy J. Smith

I was going to write some witty banter here, something to start this series off with a binary bang. Something that I might have wanted to say for the past five years since the Trinity Series started. I will leave you with this one piece of wisdom passed down from generation to generation from the monks that have lived at the top of the highest mountain in Tibet for centuries: “For the love of all things holy, just have fun reading these novels, nothing more, nothing less. Now, go with God―” “―God, she is gonna sit this one out.” – Petra Kayden DaceThis Trinity Series Mixture compilation novel is a hard reboot of the original first three novels in the Pseudoverse. Reedited and remastered in HD, these one-of-a-kind science fiction/horror novels are sure to entertain you until the very end. Enjoy!Robotic Love, CG Blade, StorytellerCobalt- The mystery deepens as First Lieutenant Petra Kayden Dace sets out to discover who or 'what' is behind the takeover of the United States, the world, and its citizens. This first Trinity Series novel is an action packed thriller sure to entertain and keep you guessing until the very end. Filled with humor, hidden clues, and new technology, Cobalt is a one-of-a-kind science fiction mystery that you will never forget. Step into a world of political corruption as Cobalt becomes a lethal weapon in an arsenal against pure evil. Crimson- A well-hidden puppet master is pulling some very long strings as Crimson unleashes hell on earth. This follow-up to Cobalt picks up the fun from the first novel and hits the binary throttle hard. The overall feel of the book is old school horror mixed with a dash of new school science fiction. Prepare to 'stiffen' up a bit as Crimson stings her way into your connective tissue. Brought to its knees, America, and the entire planet, is on the brink of disaster and only one thing stands in their way of completing their satanic programming. Petra is for the fight of her life as this ever-growing evil plagues the earth. Emerald- Pseudosynth Press would like to welcome you to our artificially induced world of Emerald, and the third Trinity Series novel in our Pseudoverse. Hell hath no fury like Thirty-Five Women scorned. This third novel delves into the circuit of the Pseudosynths and gives you a glimpse into a very satirical world of deceit, distrust, and programming run amok. Xanthe Thirty-Three begins tracking the sexy but deadly Twins. The information she learns along the way will take your breath away as she ultimately finds out who, and what, she really is. Will humanity finally become STEADY? Tropa is all around us now as Heliotrope starts to take shape. Join us in one wild mysterious ride along with a child who is as cute as she is eye opening. More importantly, this novel advances and blends an unsympathetic AI with subtle hints of a fondness for all humans missing a Y chromosome. We hope you enjoy this little ‘slice’ of science fiction heaven!

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