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BIOGRAPHY I live in the North of England with my husband and two of my three children, the eldest having flown the nest. Besides my motherly duties I run my own childcare business.

Finding time to write is hard to say the least, but it is something I absolutely love to do! You can usually find me sat with the laptop at odd hours of the day and night when the children are in bed. Dancing in the Rain, my first book, was self published in February 2013. My second Taking A Risk was released in July 2013. My hope is that there will be many more books to follow, once I can drag myself away from all those social networking sites! Speaking of which you can find me on twitter, @carolinelou70, if you want to catch a glimpse of my insane ramblings!

Apart from reading, I also love to relax watching television, my favourite show at the minute is Dexter, ok well maybe I am a little in love with Michael C Hall. I admit I am a little late to this particular party, so no spoilers please! Also love any of the CSI shows, oh how I miss Speedle! In fact he would make a good Alex Carter....Some of my favourite authors have got to be Jamie McGuire, Jessica Park, Rachel Caine, Colleen Hoover and Tina Reber, all of whom produce outstanding stories that I just lose myself in.
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by: Caroline Easton

Flynn Sullivan hasn’t had the easiest of lives, with his father absent and following the death of his mother, he is desperate to give his younger brother the life he deserves. Flynn finds himself on the wrong side of the law and he knows he could lose everything in the blink of an eye, as he stands before the court awaiting his fate. Harper Lawrence was a major contender in the IndyCar circuit from the very first day she got behind the wheel of a car. Her life is turned on its axis after a tragic accident, leaving her locked inside her own body, all but switched off to the outside world. When Flynn and Harper’s world’s collide the sparks begin to fly, but each one holds a secret they don’t want to share. Flynn knows he needs to save the girl who’s stolen his heart, the problem is, Harper doesn’t believe she deserves to be saved. She doesn’t believe she’s been punished enough.

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