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BIOGRAPHY Welcome to my world! I am the author of the Darkly Vampire Trilogy, a dark literature adventure into a world where the vampire virus exists.
Chloe Hammond is an Aquarius, very Aquarius. Born in Liverpool, she grew up in West Wales, but now lives in Barry in South Wales, with her husband and rescue cats and dogs. She always wanted to write, but life got in the way. Then she was diagnosed with extreme anxiety and depression, which caused nightmares and sleepless nights. In her typically contrary way she used this to her advantage and the nightmares became this novel, and the sleeplessness nights were when she found time to write it.
She has a lovely sea view from her desk, which she gazes at to still her mind so her characters can burst forth and have their say. This is her first novel, but Rae and Layla are demanding book two and three in the trilogy are written as soon as possible, they have adventures to live.
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Darkly Dreaming, Book 1 of The Darkly Vampire Trilogy

by: Chloe Hammond

Have you ever longed to leave your life behind? Sever all ties and disappear? Even for just one second? What if you it wasn’t a choice anymore? Rae compromised herself away in the hope of fitting in; of finding love by pleasing others, the she escaped the misery she created by dreaming her life away, until her fortieth Birthday. Then she leaves her husband and moves in with newly divorced best friend Layla. They head off on holiday to France where they are infected by the vampire virus. Vampires don’t dream, so Rae has lost her escape, just when she needs it most. She finds out that fresh blood offers an escape into her victim’s memories. She is determined to retain her humanity, refusing to kill, but how can she resist such temptation? The new vampires discover the other Pride members can be as beguiling, cruel and fatal as cats. And just as irresistible. The friends are not entirely welcome, and tensions soon erupt into a fight for life. They find themselves on the wrong side of a High Council, they didn’t know existed, for breaking rules they hadn’t been warned about. With all this going on the last thing Rae needs is to fall head over heels in unrequited love with Guillaume, the aloof head of the Pride.