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Charles W. Jones Charles W. Jones
  • Genre: Supernatural Suspense, LGBT, Horror
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BIOGRAPHY I was raised in the small town of Shoshoni, WY (yes, it's really there). I find things dark and twisty more appealing, and write strange stories about people, and places he's visited or lived.
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by: Charles W. Jones

If you enjoyed Anne Rice’s Interview With A Vampire, why not read Charles W. Jones’ HUNGER. Travel the centuries with Reynard Ashwin, who unwittingly allowed a dark force to enter him in order to save himself from the plague in 1666, as he struggles to keep his humanity, and not feed as the entity entwined with his soul demands. The hunger burning in his core must be fed, though Reynard protests, he quickly succumbs to devouring human flesh.

Category: Horror
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