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BIOGRAPHY Elli Everson a spanking romance author with Stormy Night Publications.

I have been a fan of spanking since I was young, although I never got a spanking as a child, weird huh? I used to look at a picture in my family's encyclopedia of a boy over the knees of his Mom getting a spanking and it stirred something inside me. Of course I was too young to know I would grow up to be an erotic spanking romance author, but hey I still credit that picture as my starting point.

There is something about the legs and feet kicking and the flailing arms that just gets to me and over the knee has always been my favorite. My books will have plenty of that, along with paddling and even lashes with the belt if they are particularly naughty.

I make the story up as I type, never knowing where it will end up. The one constant I have found is that my stories always start in the great outdoors, so I guess that is my inspiration. Whether its in the woods, on a ranch, or at the beach, my stories come alive there.

So far I have written five books, and have five more rolling around in my head trying to find their way out. Until I have the time to write them I will continue to let them sizzle and toss and turn until they are ripe and dripping with desire. Only then will I unleash them to my readers.

I hope you get off on my books as much as I do. Please feel free to give constructive feedback or raving reviews if you like my books at, My blog can be found on my amazon author page, or at If you want to follow me I will post dirty shorts, freebies, quips and updates. And last but not least please connect with me on Twitter @elli_everafter

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Conquering Kiera

by: Elli Everson

Getting lost in the woods of upstate New York in the pouring rain is bad enough, but when her car ends up stuck in the mud Kiera’s trip to her best friend’s wedding is truly ruined. To make matters worse, with her nerves frayed and her adrenaline pumping she mistakes an offer of help from a man walking down the road for something nefarious and reacts foolishly. Magnus likes his peace and solitude, but he isn’t going to leave a woman out alone in the middle of nowhere in a dangerous storm. When Kiera doesn’t listen to reason and instead tries to fight him off, he puts the little hellcat over his knee for a painful, embarrassing spanking. To Magnus’ surprise, his punishing hand leaves Kiera burning with desire, and at his cabin later that evening he takes her in his arms and gives her exactly what she needs. With the storm continuing to rage, Kiera is forced to wait it out at the home of this dominant man whose mere presence makes her quiver with desire. Before long she finds herself aching to surrender completely to his masterful touch, and though she knows it is reckless she cannot help dreaming of a future at his side. But when a woman from Magnus’ past seeks to scare Kiera away, will Magnus chase her down and do what he must to conquer her fears and her heart?

Category: Erotic Romance