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BIOGRAPHY Indie Author , Writing military, sci-fi, drama. Army vet that enjoys being around people that motivate and inspire.
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Generations Unbound

by: J. A. Stinger

LA. Montana. Virginia. Colorado. Jonathan Cross must find a new home for himself and his new charge, Gabriela DeLuna, after the tragic events that shattered his world. The decorated Special Forces Army Captain must learn a new skill set, how to blend in with his new cover as an older brother to Gabriela and keep her safe after an attempt was made for her. Who is after her and why? Do they know where they are? After Gabriela makes a shocking discovery, Jonathan’s circle continues to splinter around him. Trusts are betrayed, lines are crossed, and the word family is pushed to the limit. Jonathan is driven to make the devastating decision to run and keep Gabriela or be forced into doing something he knows isn’t right but has to be done before the opportunity slips through his fingers. Will he finally be able to confront Penn? Generations Unbound, the second book in the Project: Generations Series will answer questions while still leave you guessing and take you on a journey and keep you hanging on until the last sentence. Grab your copy today and follow the breadcrumb trail left behind by Christina Aarons. ** WARNING: This book does end in a cliffhanger that is revealed in Book Three. **

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