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BIOGRAPHY When not ranting about society and its ills, Jay writes short stories for literary and men's magazines like ''The Stake,'' ''SingleLife,'' ''A Carolina Literary Companion,'' ''Aura Literary/Arts Review,'' and others. He has penned four eBooks: WRITING TRASH AND HUNTING BUFFALO, TAX BREAK, WINGS OF HONOR and SEX and the AMERICAN MALE.

Besides writing activities, he likes to say he's done it all (although it's possible he exaggerates like in his funny short stories). He's flown airplanes as well as jumped out of them at over 800 feet; he's brewed beer as well as drinks it whenever he can; he has traveled overseas as well as around the US. However, his favorite leisure activities include hiking the National Parks, watching hockey/football and listening to live music in Austin.
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Wings of Honor

by: Jay Williams

A ruthless, crazed serial killer terrorizes North Carolina. He’s not killing teenagers with a grotesque butcher knife, but instead shooting down unarmed, helpless small planes over the blue Carolina skies while flying a replica of the "Red Baron's" triplane. If you want a fast-paced action/adventure novel about a battle between two men for the sake of honor, buy Wings of Honor and buckle up your seat belt for an action-packed flight.

Category: Action & Adventure
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