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BIOGRAPHY "I love going on an adventure and then telling you about it."

Jane V. Blanchard is the author of the "Woman on Her Way" series. In her first book, Women of the Way: Embracing the Camino, Jane mingles her personal story with conversations she had with modern-day female pilgrims who also trekked the Camino. In Hadrian's Wall Path: Walking into History, Jane shares her discoveries along the 84-mile path across northern England. This book was a finalist for the prestigious 2015 President's Award from the Florida Authors & Publisher's Association. Camino Tips: How to get the most out of the "The Way" is chock-full of tips for someone venturing out on the Camino.

Jane has always been adventuresome, building a log cabin with her husband and living off the grid, working a gentleman's farm, hiking the peaks of New England, and racing mountain bikes in her 50s. Since retiring in 2011, she has visited sixteen countries by foot and by bicycle and written two books about her wanderings. In addition to traveling, writing and publishing, Jane enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

As a sexagenarian, Jane continues to plan backpacking trips and writing books.
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Hadrian's Wall Path: Walking Into History (Woman On Her Way Book #2)

by: Jane V. Blanchard

Recipient of the prestigious 2015 President's Award from the Florida Authors & Publisher's Association in the adult, non-fiction category.

Wouldn't you love to go on an adventure and find that it was more than what you expected? That’s what happened to Jane V. Blanchard when she walked the Hadrian’s Wall Path, and what she wants to share with you in the this book. Join her as she walks eighty-four miles across northern England, explore the sites and legends associated with this historical wall, and see if you too can journey back with her to the time of the Romans, the Brigantes (powerful Celtic British tribes) and the Picts (ferocious Celtic Scottish tribes).

Whether you enjoy trekking or armchair-adventures, Hadrian's Wall Path: Walking into History is an exciting journey. This book from the

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