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BIOGRAPHY Jenn Leigh is an Administrative Professional by day and a domestic engineer by night with a splash of author when the time is right. She is married with two children. When not wrangling her kids and people in her profession, Jenn likes to read, write, go to movies and play sports. She plays soccer, volleyball and flag football on a regular basis.

Jenn has always had a knack for writing, but admitted to being scared of the process and as a result had tamped down her desire to write until recently. When a story needs to come out, it just makes itself known, and thus started Jenn on her journey to become an author. Her goal is not fame or fortune, just for readers to enjoy the story, just as much as she enjoyed writing it.
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Saving My Heart

by: Jenn Leigh

Cassie Bradley had been through hell and back. Suffering the worst types of atrocities at the hands of her former foster family. After becoming a runaway, a chance run-in with her actual family had been Cassie's dream come true. Years later, Cassie was headed off to college. New friends; new experiences; a seemingly fresh start on life. Just when you thought things had settled down for Cassie, the darkness of her past came creeping in. Noah Grainger was the typical all-American college student. Great friends; star baseball player; studied hard and played harder. The start of his sophomore year, was looking awesome. Until he met Cassie Bradley, the painfully shy girl he just couldn't stay away from. Cassie and Noah work through many obstacles in their new relationship, but when her dark past rears it's ugly head, would they survive the fallout?

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