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BIOGRAPHY I write for children and adults, but mostly for children. My children's stories range from thrillers, sci-fi books to my latest real-life picture book called, Jack goes to Hospital, a book for parents and children. It has tips to show parents how to keep their kids stress-free at Hospital. My first book was Naughty Nigel Runs Away, followed by Tom's Birthday Treat. I recently released two funny & entertaining children's picture books; My Dinosaur is ALIVE!! and Santa Claus is a ZOMBIE!
I hope you enjoy them all!
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Jack goes to Hospital

by: John Priest

This is a book for parents of children who are about to go, or are going, into Hospital. Your child needs Hospital treatment. How do you explain to someone so young, what happens in Hospital? This book is based on a young child's real experiences. It contains a story, a Hospital checklist (what to take), useful games & tips to keep your child (and you) as stress-free as possible. Hopefully it will help you with the following: how can parents prepare a child for a planned hospitalization how to cheer up a child in the hospital how to prepare a child for a stay in hospital how to prepare a child for going into hospital what to get a child who is in the hospital what to pack for child's hospital stay how to support a child going into hospital how to stay stress free at hospital how to stay calm at hospital how to keep your child stress free at hospital. Going to Hospital can be a worrying and stressful time, but knowing a little about Hospital and being prepared for what is going to happen can mean the difference between your child being in either a state of constant worry, fright and stress or relaxed and happy. I know which one I would choose, do you?

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