History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. Karl Marx

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BIOGRAPHY UK born, now living in Melbourne (The World's most livable city) Australia. Former acting Headteacher and Special Ed. teacher. Mum, volunteer; avid dog walker.

I was born in Northumberland, England with my formative years, between age eight and eighteen, spent in Lancashire. After Teacher Training, my first appointment was in the prettily-named pit-village of Shiney Row, during the Miner’s Strike. Eventually, I moved to Kent - The Garden of England - after marrying. I was Deputy Head, and Acting Headmistress of a wonderful village school before the birth of my son. After, we moved to Hertfordshire, where I began working part-time, teaching children with Special Educational Needs, whilst my husband worked in London. There are many places I associate with my life in England, but Northumberland still feels like home, as many of my family members still live there.

When my husband's career took us to Melbourne, Australia, it didn't seem like such a big deal. However, two years turned to four and then fourteen, and now Melbourne feels like home too.

I enjoy volunteer work, have written biographies for patients in Palliative Care in the Home, and work one day a week in Day Oncology, in the Wig Room. Writing is one of my passions, one that has followed me into adulthood from my youth, resulting in the books you will see here.
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  • Kaye Nutman

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Headscarves, Head Wraps & More

by: Kaye Nutman

Like to know how to wrap attention grabbing (or discrete) head wraps? Do you look in the mirror and despair at the state of your hair? Clueless about how to tie head wraps that stay put and make a statement? This book will teach you how to tie compliment attracting head wraps in no time at all! It can be so easy. The styles look amazing in less time than it would take you to curl (or straighten) your hair. They can boost your look in seconds! Imagine walking out the door, feeling great; confident, covered and chic! After years of practice and research, showing others how to tie head wraps - hands on, I can now share these wonderful tying techniques with you. So Welcome to the wonderful world of scarf and head wrap tying. The following pages have 26+ wonderful ideas for tying head wraps and scarves. Each design has clear instructions; a full page CAD (Computer Aided Design) illustration, and a photo (or two) of real women - or ‘Eddie’ the mannequin. This gives you the best chance of easily replicating the designs on your own head. There’s a BONUS section too. Experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, or alopecia? How self-assured and amazing you will feel wearing a carefully chosen scarf. Perhaps you wear a headscarf for religious reasons or modesty. We have you covered! Maybe you ‘re a fashionista? Well, wow, what a statement a headscarf can make! There may be a bad hair day, a breezy morning at the beach, dog walking, a cruise or a party - any number of reasons... you tell me (please… write to me!)

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