Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. Bill Gates

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BIOGRAPHY I had a more formal bio to begin with on here, but I'm not a very formal person. So, let's get to know each other, shall we?

What would you like to know? I suppose we should start with why should you care and what makes me so important that you should be compelled to spend some time with me.

Well, I am an Indie author. I write memoirs, they are dark, funny, tragic and hilarious. If you don’t feel better about your own life and your own choices after reading about my misadventures in living, I’d be surprised. I am the reigning champion of “Jerry Springer, the Home Game” after all.

I’m the mother of five (yes, you read that correctly, FIVE), all of which are grown and gone except my youngest who has a few more years yet before she is let loose into society. I’ve recently become a grandmother, and I expect that will happen more often as the years go by. One of these days I’m going to write a book about my children, much to their impending regret, but that what memoir writers do, they share their lives and their stories. And let’s face it, children are ripe fodder for the funny and the tragic, often all at the same time.

I live in a house where chaos is on the menu of the day, every day. For over a decade now I have taken in people in need, the homeless, the helpless and the lost. They come to me broke, and often broken, I give them a clean slate when they walk through the door, and a place to rebuild their lives. I have taken in pregnant women, vets, ex-cons, families and many others who all have one thing in common, somewhere along the way life has pushed them down to the point that they could no longer cope, and their world collapsed around them. When they leave my house, be it weeks or years later, each of them is ready to face the world again, and have gone on to scatter across the states in search of their dreams. (My not so secret dream is that maybe one of these days I will become a moderately successful writer and finally be able to put in that second bathroom I’ve always dreamed of having. In a house of sometimes 12 or more people, that’s no small thing! lol)

Also, I’m pretty funny.

So, I hope you will give me a chance to make you laugh, maybe roll your eyes at me, snicker, and on occasion maybe shed a tear as I share my journey with you.
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Wine Comes in Six-Packs

by: Lisa Orban

Many years ago my friends and I would sit around and play what we called 'Jerry Springer: the Home Game', the object of the game was to see how many upcoming shows we qualified for, with the story to support our claim, and whoever had the most at the end of the program won. I was (and still am) the reigning champion. It has been my sincere hope since I first began to write, that when you pick up one of my books I can make you laugh out loud, maybe roll your eyes, groan and shake your head as you eagerly turn the page, wondering where the train wreck will end. I hope this short preview will perk your interest and bring you back in the Spring of 2017, eager to continue following my (mis)adventures in living. And to that end, I invite you, dear reader, to join me on this brief ride of my roller coaster…

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