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Koffi Hallman Koffi Hallman
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BIOGRAPHY Koffi Hallman is originally from Camden New Jersey.
He is a former US Marine who served his country in Afghanistan during
Desert Shield/Storm in 1990 for full a full tour after returning to college He pledged the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity INC Sigma Sigma chapter in 1992 and graduated from both Grambling State University 1995 and Texas College 1997.
He raises Champion Pugs in his spare time and now resides in Southern California Where he is the CEO of 492 Champion Kennels who is considered the “Mercedes Benz” of Pugs. He has been writing since the tender age of nine and makes a living as an Environmental Engineering Consultant
He is Now The CEO of 492 Publishing House Inc and will re-release Death Of A Thug along with the introduction of the 6 Degrees of Hustle Series 1st release entitled Body Count.
He has has a series of books in development called the “suspicion series” where each book will have the word suspicion somewhere in the title the 1st is “Deadly Suspicions” and also a segment where he will showcase new Authors with unrelated intertwined stories that take place in same fictional set of towns called “8 Million Stories” 492 Publishing House Inc “Putting Authors First”
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Death Of A THUG

by: Koffi Hallman