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BIOGRAPHY After spending more than twenty years as a professional composer, with an abiding passion for writing and the written word, I've finally turned things around and dedicated my creative energies toward writing, allowing my composing to become something I do in my spare time. Do writers actually have spare time? Well, sometimes. While my first series is in the Sci-Fi genre, I'm also writing a general fiction book, and have plans for several others, ranging from fiction to a three-volume series in the fantasy genre.
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  • Peter Amsel

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Sun Killers

by: Peter Amsel

Book One of the Felis Alliance Series begins with a mystery: the most powerful person in the universe has disappeared without a trace and nobody knows where she has gone. Now it is the responsibility of her three Guardians to locate her and bring her home. What they do not realize is that there are forces working against them who do not want her to be found, and they will stop at nothing to prevent her from ever returning to the Alliance, even if that means killing everyone on Earth in the process. Sun Killers takes you from one end of the universe to the other, at speeds beyond the speed of light, but you will never be tired as a result of the journey.

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