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BIOGRAPHY Mystery thriller novelist who ' works include "Rise of a Phoenix." and "Operation:UNITY".
Born in the West Midlands, Great Britain. Later i joined the armed forces where after 22 years of fun and adventure i left to start as a writer. Married with a daughter i still have not grown up which helps with the imagination. Love to travel and experience other cultures. love to love life.
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False Witness

by: P.S. Syron-Jones

Book three of the John Steel mystery, thriller series. Accused of murdering his wife, Brian Armstrong had been sent to prison for life. Ten years later on a bus ride to the courthouse, there is an accident that leaves several dead or injured. But for Armstrong and two others, it is an escape back into a world he no longer knows. To hide in the shadows until he can take care of unfinished business. Detectives John Steel and Samantha McCall are back in action. They pick up a case of an ex-gym teacher that was discovered murdered in his apartment. The case is brutal but looks to be random until a reporter is killed with the same M.O. Soon their investigation takes a turn and they find themselves with the question, are the murders related to the escapees and if so how? If these are revenge killings, how do the victims fit into it? More important, how many more will there be?

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