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Angels In Hell ( Shadows, Darkness and Light Story 3)

by: P. Zoro

They changed her name and tormented her mind. But they couldn’t touch her heart. Makaitei’s family joins a religious sect that practices polygamy and child marriages. She watches as her father joins in the deplorable act and her mother suffering in silence. Poverty does not leave the family, but suspicion, pain and death visits them. She is a keen observer of the events, keeping her distance for the sake of peace, until the hand that fears not reaches out to grab her too, and she has to make tough decisions about her life. Angels In Hell is the third story in Shadows Darkness and Light, a collection of twelve short stories on women’s struggles set in Zimbabwe. Shadows, Darkness and Light gives a voice to the tumultuous emotions of unsung life heroes, ordinary women that must fight running battles with destiny: a woman finding a place in her heart for a child who is a product of rape, a girl living in the world of forced child marriages, a wife jailed for murder rebuilding the relations with her daughter, a mentally ill woman conquering rejection, a widow who realizes there is no comfort for the bereaved, a dying woman haunted by family arranged adultery, exploitation in the guise of religion and more. And like Makaitei, they all have to dig deep within themselves to fight and come out victors in their misfortunes. Angels In Hell is a short read at 8,000 words.

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