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  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy for ages eight through twelve
  • Country: United States
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  • Profession: Retired RN and author of Topaz the Yellow Conjure Cat Books
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BIOGRAPHY About the Author: Pat Frayne, author, grandmother and retired registered nurse, lives in a small town in Northern Arizona with her husband, Ron. Her fast-paced adventure fantasies are for parents and children alike. Although these tales are written for entertainment, there is a strong emphasis on the value of courage, friendship, and loyalty.
Pat's granddaughter, Caitlin was the inspiration for the dilemma in her second book and for the introduction of the character Daisy, a young fawn with hazel eyes. Cait was age nine at the time. Pat and Cait both share a love for cats, fairies and all things magical.
These tales take place in a mystical land inhabited by a special breed of cat endowed with unique magical powers. Her latest book, Topaz and the Green Fairies, is available on amazon now.
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Topaz and the Evil Wizard

by: Pat Frayne

A Tale of Heroism, Humor, Tenderness, and the Value of Friendship and Loyalty!
What has happened to the missing Fairy and Elf children of Knownotten Kingdom? This is the worrisome question Topaz, the Yellow Conjure Cat asks himself over and over again in his search for clues to solve this mystery. If his suspicions are correct, his life will soon be in grave danger.
Caught between the legacy he was born to full fill and the terrible danger he's sure to face, Topaz struggles to overcome his fears while he strives to protect his king and the inhabitants of the kingdom. Armed with only the most basic conjure skills, he forges ahead.
This fast-paced adventure mystery is for parents as well as children who wish to retreat into a world inhabited by mystical characters. Child and parent alike will relate to the difficulties these characters must overcome and yet remain true of heart.

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