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BIOGRAPHY Simplee Kish was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She moved to California in the 1st grade. In the mid 80's, her family moved back to Michigan and she finished growing up on the west side of Detroit. She graduated from Henry Ford High School and attended Wayne County Community College. A single mother of two teens, 13 and 15, she decided to pursue her dreams in writing. In October 2015, she was signed by Right Circle Publications and released her debut novel Brooklynn and Santana: Love, Lies, and Secrets in December 2015. In January 2016, she released her second book, the sequel to Brooklynn and Santana, called Brooklynn and Santana: The Cover Up. In June 2016, she finished the finale to the addicting series called Brooklynn and Santana: Love On The Run.
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Brooklynn and Santana Love, Lies, and Secrets

by: Simplee Kish

Brooklynn Devine is a beautiful 20 year old who was good at keeping secrets. She had spent the last 6 years keeping something concealed without anyone being the wiser. Despite the turmoil she'd been dealing with in the past, she thought things were looking up for her. Her most recent secret was her lover, Santana Valentino, 10 years her senior, who she knew her parents wouldn't approve of. As her past bleeds into her present, she is pushed to drastic measures, dragging Santana along for the ride. Now, it seems she may have to add murder to her lockbox of secrets. Santana fights to protect her at all cost, as Brooklynn fights with the demons that haunt her. Brooklynn’s family has more questions making it harder for her to hold on to the bombshell that will destroy what is left of her family. Will she be able to continue to keep these things under wraps, or as the saying goes, everything that’s done in the dark comes to the light?

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