The history of all countries shows that the working class exclusively by its own effort is able to develop only trade-union consciousness. Vladimir Lenin

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BIOGRAPHY April A. Luna (also writes as Michelle L. De La Garza) is an American freelance writer and poet, who lives with her husband and children in Texas. She has an extensive background as an operational training specialist writing corporate curriculum and facilitating training sessions, which brings a realistic quality to the human emotions and personality characteristics in the fiction stories she breathes life into.
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Child of the Night

by: April A. Luna

One single act can change a person’s life for good—or bad—and every choice comes with consequences. Sarah De Luz must forge a path through resistance to save those she loves, while struggling with her own inner demons. A late-night excursion takes Sarah to Chase Pond, her one true refuge. She soon finds there are formidable secrets hidden under the dark waters of the pond. A wealth of knowledge about man’s quest for longevity and love is waiting to be discovered. But whispers of war and unspeakable horrors loom in the shadows, waiting for her to choose a side. Haunted by her past and driven forward by fate, she must fully embrace her destiny and awaken, even if it means losing her identity in the process. Note: This book contains sexual content, adult situations, and profanity.

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