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BIOGRAPHY When people ask me what my book is about, I pause a moment because it is not so simple to describe. It is a vampire romance, I say and then, I pray that doesn't scare them away. Because what are books really? I believe that books are a way to escape the daily routines of life.
I wanted to take an ordinary man and put him in fantastic situations. To bring a bit of fantasy down to reality. It is a love story at it's heart. If I can take the reader on a journey and give them a laugh, cry, or simply bring a smile to their face, then it is all worth it. This story helped me through rough times in my life, and I can only hope it will do the same for the reader.

I have been writing my entire life. Raising a family put my dreams on hold. In 2005, my first novel A Mortal Indiscretion was published. But the publisher decided it should be 2 volumes, due to length. So, after several years, I regained the rights to my work and revamped it, combining the two volumes as I originally intended it to be. A Mortal Indiscretion; Author's Cut is that version. It is the first in a series, a vampire romance with mystery and action. The sequel, Marzio's Revenge is now available on Kindle and soon to be print format. The third in the series, Zeus should be out by fall of 2016. For more information on her work, visit
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A Mortal Indiscretion; Author's Cut

by: Barbra E Ross

A vampire novel that is not your everyday romance. Gripping, seductive and very addicting. Justin Bertolli lived as any 29 year old bachelor would live his life, until a chance encounter with a woman unlike any other. Ambra Taylor was everything he had ever envisioned the perfect woman to be. Young, charming and sensual. But there was something puzzling about Ambra. Justin had questions that he could not answer. Nothing could prepare Justin for what he was about to experience. And nothing could prepare him for a love like no other.

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