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BIOGRAPHY Early in my life, I learned to escape into the imaginary life within the pages of books.

It was hardly surprising that I yearned to continue this experience by becoming a published author.

But like many of us, I first pursued a career which took me from South Africa to the Middle East and subsequently South East Asia before I finally decided to realise my dream.

It was at this point that I authored “The Junglies” series of books. I plan to publish more children’s books but have diversified to other genres in the interim including Fantasy Fiction which is a genre I have always wanted to contribute to.

As a result of my own life experience before realising my life dream, I am passionate about helping others realise their dreams to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

I am deeply and sincerely grateful to my wife, Karina, and our two children, Keona and Keara for their undying love, support and belief in me while I pursued the realisation of my dreams.

I am also forever grateful to Sharon Ong for her support and guidance in publishing my books. Her input was most helpful and accelerated my learning process in publishing.

I am grateful to my family and friends for their love and kindness and support. I know I have not been the easiest person on my journey and I thank you for your understanding and patience.

To everyone else who I have met and will still meet on my journey through life. I know that I will have created our encounter when it happens and I hope in that moment, that I will be able to make your life better by offering you whatever I can on your journey to being the best you can be and realising your dreams.
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The Junglies Collection

by: Francois Keyser

How long is a giraffe's tongue? How does a rabbit get stuck in a tree? Can animals sing? Do animals live in tree houses? Can a tiger lose it's stripes? Do animals have birthdays? "The Junglies Collection" answers these questions for children in it's own way. "The Junglies Collection" is a beautifully illustrated children's book which combines the first five books of the "Junglies" series of children's books into one volume. Each copy is personally signed by the author and includes a board game (an insert in the book) based on the "Junglies characters and stories, combines five books into one and, is packed in a durable carry bag for travel. "The Junglies Collection" tells the stories of the adventures of five jungle animals and their game warden friend. Each story offers a lesson for young readers to take to heart. The lessons include honesty, teamwork, persistence, perspectives and more. In addition to the lessons included in the books they are ideal to introduce children to the subject of endangered species as every animal represented by a character in the books has at least one subspecies which is endangered. The books all have a theme of "Unity in Diversity" as the animals are best friends despite being different. This theme is also present in the animals relationship with their game warden friend. This theme is dealt with neutrally by the "Junglies" but serves as a platform to educate children about respecting and caring for others regardless of race, religion, culture, gender or any other categorisation we like to place on our fellow human beings. This copy of the book is currently only available directly from the author who can be contacted via the contact form on his website.

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