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BIOGRAPHY Early in my life, I learned to escape into the imaginary life within the pages of books.

It was hardly surprising that I yearned to continue this experience by becoming a published author.

But like many of us, I first pursued a career which took me from South Africa to the Middle East and subsequently South East Asia before I finally decided to realise my dream.

It was at this point that I authored “The Junglies” series of books. I plan to publish more children’s books but have diversified to other genres in the interim including Fantasy Fiction which is a genre I have always wanted to contribute to.

As a result of my own life experience before realising my life dream, I am passionate about helping others realise their dreams to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

I am deeply and sincerely grateful to my wife, Karina, and our two children, Keona and Keara for their undying love, support and belief in me while I pursued the realisation of my dreams.

I am also forever grateful to Sharon Ong for her support and guidance in publishing my books. Her input was most helpful and accelerated my learning process in publishing.

I am grateful to my family and friends for their love and kindness and support. I know I have not been the easiest person on my journey and I thank you for your understanding and patience.

To everyone else who I have met and will still meet on my journey through life. I know that I will have created our encounter when it happens and I hope in that moment, that I will be able to make your life better by offering you whatever I can on your journey to being the best you can be and realising your dreams.
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