Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. Ernest Hemingway

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BIOGRAPHY Retired college prof, Purdue University (1973-2011). He authored too many professional books (32) in mind-numbing 'academese.' Since retiring, he would like to think he's writing fiction and nonfiction about identity crises, border issues, ethnic interrelations, and mental glitches of multiple sorts, and now finds himself floundering in whirlpooling word cascades that incessantly sweep him along. Yet, he managed to finish THE AFRO-BRAZILIAN ART OF COPING that emerged from his experiences in Brazil two to three months a year from 1991 to 2011; a coming of age trilogy, FINDING HIMSELF: From New Mexico to the Sierra Madre and Back, LOOKING GLASS KILLER, and THE DILEMMA: Who is Matt?; a bizarre adventure story, ENIGMAS: Gold Fever, Space-Time Warps, Sierra Madre Magic; and the first volume of a sci-fi trilogy that will be out within three months, NOW IS TOO SOON: Untangling Future Memories.
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Enigmas: Gold Fever, Space-Time Warps, Sierra Madre Magic

by: Floyd Merrell

Four married couples from the southwest search for Spanish treasure in northern Mexico, guided by a peculiar map. They meet strange four-dimensional visitors from another world, Tarahumara people with a unique philosophy of life, local bandits roaming the area, narcos ready to kill any and all outsiders, and suspicious police and military personnel. Yet, they become enchanted by the vast Sierra Madre range, they find treasure that exceeds their wildest dreams, and unfortunately they begin squabbling over the take, until the alien visitors sequester most of it. Back home, they make amends, but soon realize their adventure, bizarre to the extreme, will continue haunting them to the end.

Category: Thrillers
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