It is not truth that matters, but victory. Adolf Hitler

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BIOGRAPHY Biomedical scientist by profession a journalist at heart. Enjoyed writing poetry and plays for theatre before turning hand to writing fiction. A sport fanatic especially football,Cricket,Tennis and Golf not just watching but playing also. I am jack of all trade and the master of none. A pragmatism so always setting goals and enjoy the feelings when a goal is achieved. I am now living my dream of living in Africa. Born in Jamaica but because of Bob Marley completely Africacentric. Also a entrepreneur running several businesses at the same time. Using my business experience to help develop young entrepreneurs in Ghana. Struggling to finish my poetry book which was started in my school days, I love poetry but I find it really difficult to edit so my publisher not happy to publish without extensive editing. That is my next target to finish the poetry book titled "A failure to Thrive." Returning to London in the new year to promote the newly released part 2 of the Central Column titled "Return of the Fathers." I am excited for this book I love it so much I have read it 4 times and enjoyed more each time. It is fascinating piece of work introducing serious eternal concepts but containing deep love stories and it is really funny in places. It is a mix I really wanted I think I have achieved it. If the Third book in the series (titled,"Worship of the Column") is half as good I will be a very happy man.I am working hard to make it just as fascinating and make the finale really worth the wait. This is not all me but over time you will see other interests I have such as politics.
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Return of the Fathers

by: Trevor A Watson

Part 2 of the Central Column see Dandalus taken into a spaceship and tried for the murder of Margog. If he loses his fate is to reverse everything he has done on earth, failure would have catastrophic consequence for the whole of humanity.

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