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BIOGRAPHY JD Stanley has been freelance writing since the 90's after several years as a radio host and commercial copywriter. JD's dark fantasy, Blood Runner, is a Canada Book Award winner that also snagged a Readers Favorite 5-star review seal. JD maintains a life long love affair with history and mythology and has been a practising Druid for over 20 years which provides fuel and background for further fantasy stories.

Beyond writing, JD is co-executive producer/screenwriter, webmaster and “corporate boring stuff guy” for the independent film promotion and production company, Bony Fiddle.
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The Seer

by: JD Stanley

Powerful, rumoured immortal, said to possess an uncommon skill with a blade, fourth century Irish Druid, Bronan, makes a reluctant, secret oath to his friend and liege, Manfred the Good. One of only two men left the king still trusts, the young Princess Brigit becomes his Ward and together with Sir William, Captain of the king’s guard, Bronan vows to battle a creeping darkness that invades their kingdom.

But years pass without action. Bronan flounders against human desire he should have been strong enough to resist while an invading Roman-Christian world steals his purpose. He cannot look back to the land of his youth where the buried pain of his past broke his honour, and he cannot look forward past the wall of flame seen in divination that declares he will be the undoing of the same kingdom he is sworn to protect.

He must change the certain future or Brigit and the royal house at Edenshire will fall.

The longer Bronan falters, the farther villainous usurper Barry the Red advances along a bloody path that ends in the land’s ultimate destruction. Without their Druid? No amount of magical fury, righteous revenge or secrets within Bronan’s sacred oak grove will save them.

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