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BIOGRAPHY Living my dream of being an author! I've always created scenarios and small plots in my head, sometimes for fun, and sometimes to keep myself out of trouble (didn't work). After teaching middle grades for 24 years, I listened to my fifth-graders and began writing my stories. That's how the Adi's World series began. The four book series is now in print. I am now living my own dream of being an author. It's a great life!
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Adi's World

by: Jo-Marie

Adi’s World, a tiny community inside of a tree, faces imminent danger! A main branch has mysteriously cracked open? If it can’t be closed, the school will fall! Who would do this to Maple Community? Why? The town comes up with a plan, but it just isn’t good enough. A different answer must be found. Adi takes on the challenge. Will she and her friends find a way to save their town? A leader is needed. Can Adi become the leader her friends see within her? Who will be there to help her? Who can she trust?

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