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BIOGRAPHY New Author, writing in the Romantic Suspense genre.She lives in Atlanta Ga, wife and mother of a sixteen year old and twenty something who loves to read what she writes. Rhonda is a professional Nanny, kind of ironic that her books are very adult themed. On the run is the first book in the series. Second book titled; Hide and Seek will be ready in about a month.
She enjoys reading and writing about the journey of love. Strong alpha males and smart women with fantastic stories that she wants to tell to the world.
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Haunted (West Haven Series book 2)

by: Rhonda Lott

Her ex-husband promised only in death would they part, but Brooklynn wasn't waiting around for that. Stranded in the small town of West Haven with a brooding rancher who claims to need her as much as she needs a place to start over. She wandered in out of the storm with a world of troubles. Dean had enough trouble of his own, but she was everything he could want in a woman, too bad his heart died two years ago with the death of his wife. His past kept him away from her and her past pulls them closer together, but true evil lurks in the shadows. Soon the sparkling snow covered landscape of West Haven would be soaked in their blood.

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