History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. Karl Marx

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BIOGRAPHY Lawrence W. Gold, MD is a retired physician. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War where he served in an evacuation hospital, ran an emergency room and was a Battalion Surgeon. He completed his training in internal medicine and diseases of the kidney in 1968.

He retired in 1995 after 23 years in a hospital-based practice caring for patients with complicated illnesses and served as Chief of Medicine. After retirement he and his wife, Doris, spent time sailing at sea. He has written three screenplays based on his novels. His screenplay for Rage won honorable mention at the 80th annual Writer's Digest contest. He lives in Grass Valley, CA with his wife.
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Vector Red: Epidemic of Genetically Altered Bacteria (Brier Hospital Book 12)

by: Lawrence Gold

The 1972 Biological Weapons Convention ended research on the offensive use of biological weapons, or has it? Features of the Patriot Act giving the US immunity from violating its own bioweapons laws has increased suspicion of US bioweapons activities.While the world has a high degree of certainty that countries like Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, and Syria have continue offensive bioweapons research, the United States has limited itself to such research of a “defensive” nature only.Teens and young adults returning from missionary work in Arizona come home with severe, and sometimes fatal bacterial infections. Is this an epidemic? Are these individuals contagious? The infections are unusual as common environmental bacteria, usually benign, have suddenly become aggressive and life-threatening.Is this government policy gone awry, or is there a more nefarious explanation?

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