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BIOGRAPHY I was born in Fairfield, California in 1971. From the time I was a toddler, I always had a love for drawing, fingerpainting, and writing things on the wall. In my teen years, I took up playing the guitar, which gave me a love for music, and eventually for metal music, specifically.
Growing up in Decatur, IL, I tried several paths in life; everything from dishwasher, bartender, customer service agent, to industrial laborer. Throughout all of these failed attempts at doing something with my life, a story began building in my head. It was the seed of what would eventually become The Dragon Chronicles. Despite many tries at putting the story into writing-and even attempting it through other media-a layoff at Caterpillar gave me the motivation to finally sit down and pound out the first book, Onyx Dragon.
Now, after settling in Indiana, I am still working on the series, along with several other side projects. I am currently finishing up the Dragon Chronicles, and will be working on a new trilogy, and an on and off series featuring the character, Adder, who was introduced in The Ascent.
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The Dark Queen's Pawn

by: Shawn E. Crapo

Continuing his quest to take down the Red Hand, fledgling assassin Garret boldly begins the task of eliminating local lords that have been seduced into the mysterious group's ranks. Along the way, Garret and the young ranger, Kuros, learn the details of Queen Igraina's involvement and of the impending arrival of Prince Maedoc to the south. Lord Darragh, having confessed his sins to Sister Helena, joins in the fight to rid Eirenoch of the Red Hand, and allows his young servant, Ferrin, to speak for him at a secret meeting with Maedoc. There, it is discovered that the queen has enlisted the aid of Lord Corrahn's dark servant, Menelith; an ancient Alvar warrior enslaved to do Corrahn's bidding. Queen Igraina, having learned of Garret's plans, sends Menelith to hunt him down, hoping to eliminate him before he kills all of her allies. Unbeknownst to her, however, the Great Druid Jodocus has plans for the spectral assassin. Menelith's power could be the key to releasing King Magnus from the queen's spell, allowing him to end her treason forever. Struggling with his noble past and the compulsion to kill, Menelith must decide whether to continue his dark existence, or to betray his master and return to shadow. Only the outcome of Maedoc's confrontation with his own mother will sway his decision, and the fate of all of Eirenoch.

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