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BIOGRAPHY Shalu Sharma is an author and blogger who has lived in India and the UK and travelled extensively around the world with her husband. She has worked as a sales woman, worked for a law firm and nearly ended up as a lecturer in Indian history. Now she spends her time travelling and authoring books.

Apart from the usual Indian duties of family life, frantic blogging, tweeting and 'Facebooking'; she finds time to watch Bollywood movies, listen to music (Indian, Western and Country) and catch up on the political affairs of India. When no one's listening, she sings too (usually in the bathroom).

Her blog ShaluSharma.com highlights the various places, issues and culture of India to the world in her own unusual way.

She can be found commenting and tweeting on her twitter account @Bihar. You can find her on her blog ShaluSharma.com or YouBihar.com. You can get in touch with her on pyt@shalusharma.com
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Essential India Travel Guide: Travel Tips And Practical Information

by: Shalu Sharma

Are you visiting India? Do you want to know more about India before you travel? Are you looking for travel tips and unbiased information on India? Are you looking for an India travel guide but don't know which one to get? Then here's a travel guide on India that covers everything you need from places to visit to dealing with beggars and how to protect yourself while in India. The "Essential India Travel Guide: Travel Tips And Practical Information" covers everything you need to know about India. India is a great country for holiday but it can be rough at times. Sadly, many incidences and crimes do happen and many of them are directed at foreign travelers. Many foreigners end up being ripped off their hard earned money. Most people in India working in the tourism industry do not realize that even in the West, one has to work hard for their money and do not have surplus to squander around. This India travel guide shows you how to be careful with your money, how to bargain like the locals and how to deal with beggars and have a safe and pleasurable trip to India. Here's a complete list of things you will learn about your travels in India: 1. Introduction to India 2. Best time to visit India 3. Geography of India 4. Places to visit in Eastern India 5. Places to visit in Northern India 6. Places to visit in Southern India 7. Places to visit in Western India 8. Culture of India 9. Things you should bring to India 10. Vaccinations for India 11. How to deal with the heat? 12. Guide to drinking water 13. Avoiding water borne diseases 14. How to keep off mosquitoes? 15. Foods to avoid 16. Is meat and fish safe in India? 17. Guide to Indian street food 18. Travelling in India during the monsoons 19. Types of transport in India 20. How to book train tickets in India? 21. How to hire a taxi and auto-rickshaw? 22. Guide to prepaid taxis 23. Safety on Indian trains 24. Dealing with beggars 25. How to deal with touts? 26. How to be safe at the hotel? 27. How to be safe in Indian crowds? 28. How to keep your money and passport safe? 29. Safety tips for women 30. Travelling with kids in India 31. Types of places to shop 32. How to bargain? 33. What should women wear? 34. What should men wear? 35. Say no to bhang and other drugs 36. Common Hindi words and phrases 37. Message from the author

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