Fishes live in the sea, as men do a-land; the great ones eat up the little ones. William Shakespeare

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BIOGRAPHY Shalu Sharma is an author and blogger who has lived in India and the UK and travelled extensively around the world with her husband. She has worked as a sales woman, worked for a law firm and nearly ended up as a lecturer in Indian history. Now she spends her time travelling and authoring books.

Apart from the usual Indian duties of family life, frantic blogging, tweeting and 'Facebooking'; she finds time to watch Bollywood movies, listen to music (Indian, Western and Country) and catch up on the political affairs of India. When no one's listening, she sings too (usually in the bathroom).

Her blog highlights the various places, issues and culture of India to the world in her own unusual way.

She can be found commenting and tweeting on her twitter account @Bihar. You can find her on her blog or You can get in touch with her on
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How To Be Happy: Find Happiness in Your Life with Simple Strategies

by: Shalu Sharma

What is covered in this book: How To Be Happy: Find Happiness in Your Life with Simple Strategies Why are people unhappy How to do meditation for stress relief How to expressing gratitude to be happy Doing basic exercise for happiness How to be happy using humour How to build up self esteem for happiness Eating well for happiness: Which food is best for being happy Talking and sharing to others for happiness

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