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BIOGRAPHY Steve Soderquist was quite a successful musician twenty-odd years ago and spent many years on the road. He was with numerous bands before finally settling down to a more regular life. However, the writing bug kept biting at him. Steve had started a book called, 'Minds Eye' when he was seventeen and it never left him. Even though the writing muscle had certainly atrophied, he was getting that tickle like you get in the back of your throat when a cold is coming on.

Publishing his first novella 'One for the Road' motivated him to propel. When 'Farm House' was complete and those blessed two words were put down, 'THE END' he knew he found his calling.

Following up with the science fiction thriller, 'Seeds' then co-writing the romance thriller 'Rogue' with author Laura Ranger, Steve finished the short children's story 'The Littlest Princess' and is currently working on two more titles.

Steve is now settled in as a full-time author and freelance editor in Lithia, Florida.
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One for the Road

by: Steve Soderquist

One Road—one Destiny—two men. Two men and one road; lives forever changed and not for the better. Mark and Kevin leave two bars late at night and come face to face with a horror so indescribable that only Hell can say what is next. You will not like the answer. Fasten your seat belt if it makes you feel any better. It doesn't make a difference.

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