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BIOGRAPHY I have always enjoyed the art of writing, and throughout my teenage life I used it as way to deal with the stresses of life. About 5 years ago I started writing this series as a metaphor for the way I felt growing up and it developed into the book you see today. Enjoy.
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Dark Revery Series: The Midnight Train

by: Timothy D Woolsey

Todd a 16-year-old boy is visited by a Djinn named Amal who shows him glimpses
of his previous life as a Djinn and
the war that he and his siblings
have been a part of long before they
became human. Todd discovers that an
old enemy, named Dima, has possessed
his brother Ryan and is slowly ripping
Todd a 16-year-old boy is visited by a Djinn
Dark Revery Series
The Midnight Train
his soul from him. While maintaining
convince his family and friends to
help him place Ryan under hypnosis
and fight on what Todd has come to
call the Dream Plain

Category: Action & Adventure