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  • Along with featuring your book, you will also be provided with an 'author profile' on our website (if you do not already have one). Thus, giving you the platform to not only promote your book but also promote yourself as an author.
  • Within 2 working days after the submission, your book will be featured on our website.
    Note: Our site contains a Kindle Book Deals section which is broken up into three categories, namely, $0.99, Free, and Kindle Unlimited. If your featured book falls under one of these criteria, we will add your book on our deal section.
  • You will be provided with regular promotions on Twitter and Facebook groups with separate customised posts for each platform. On Twitter we promote books from to over 50,000+ followers.
    On Facebook we promote books on 100+ authors’ and readers’ groups. If you have a facebook account, you will be tagged in every promotional post so that you can also easily track all promotional activity.
  • We will create a promotional book page for the book (s) you submit. This includes amazon reviews and book sample read.
  • If there is a video available for your book, we will be happy to display it.
  • On your book page, links will be provided to its respective Amazon, KOBO, Barnes&Noble, Google Play, iBooks etc, page making it easier for readers to switch between sites and purchase your book.
  • You can also use our text-to-image editing tool and customize certain passages from your book, selecting from over 400,000 royalty free images, or you can upload your own custom images and thereby create however many book teasers you want.
  • Visitors will be allowed to write a review and submit a selfie with your book. You can then use that review and selfie anywhere on social media, if you like.
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