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Our Testimonial Happy Authors
  • I look for sites such as QuotesRain. I find that these sites with a little personal investment into my success tend to be more effective then those that bury you deep in their website after the first month.

    Cheryl Matthynssens
  • It was my assistant who introduced me to Quotesrain and I have to say I was not anticipating how much promotion Quotesrain does for the author. It was a wonderful surprise and I'm thrilled your services crossed my path.

    Ann Lister
  • What I appreciate about Quotes Rain is their unique services and professionalism. They are always looking to expand and promote authors out of the box.

    Mary Ting
  • Quotesrain promotes me through facebook and twitter every day, which frees up some of my time to work on other responses I get from readers and authors to support them.

    K.L. Shandwick
  • I don't think I have ever seen another site quite like QuotesRain where they are in contact almost daily and extremely friendly and a pleasure to work with. I believe that their dedication and hard work will soon pay off and I want to be one of those authors who can say that I've been with QuotesRain from an early stage and success will follow for us all if we work hard and work together.

    John Priest
  • Quotesrain has been wonderful in that respect. They not only have a beautiful and interactive site, but, also Quotesrain has taken very good care of me. They have promoted my work as if it were their own on numerous promotional pages and twitter. And not just one time and it's over. Quotesrain has stood by me and promoted me numerous times.

    Robin Geesman
  • "Quotes Rain is a staple in my social media presence. The site is very user-friendly and the team are always looking to improve and expand their services. I'm so happy to have found them and appreciate all they do."

    Tish Thawer
  • Quotesrain is GREAT! I know that I have a presence online even when I'm in my writing cave.

    Sarah J. Pepper
  • I like QuotesRain's tweet scheduling tool, makes it easy to be sure my name and tweets are getting out there day-to-day.

    A.D. Ellis
  • "The team at Quotesrain are professional and helpful. The interact with their authors and are always seeking ways to improve service. I am so glad I found them, and I am very pleased with what they have done to increase my readership."

    Alexandrea Weis
  • Quotesrain really had an impact on my sales. The first week I adhered to your site, 350 visitors have been registered and six months later, over 4000!

    Jocelyne Forget
  • Quotesrain’s Free Author Program helps me promote with the book teasers and auto tweets. Keeping it free is a blessing to me.

    E.G. Weeks
  • I believe QuotesRain will be a major platform for me to get the word out about “Into Autumn”. Thank you QuotesRain for all your help.

    Larry Landgraf
  • Quotestrain does a lot of work for me on the back in thru Twitter and Facebook. When I am not promoting then they are so that works out well for me and can work for any authors who are just starting off and have no idea of how to reach the massess

    Hope Destiny
  • I would definitely refer people to Quotesrain, as they were referred to me by a rather well known author, Ms. Stacey Rourke.

    G. S. Scott
  • I think Quotesrain has helped a lot in getting more readers to look at my books. I’ve seen my work posted in book groups and on twitter. I would refer this to my author friends, just to see if they would like it as much as I do!

    Brie Paisley
  • QuotesRain has helped me reach out to a number of people I might not otherwise have been able to reach. The Tweet Scheduler is great tool, it works automatically so I don't have to log in and create a new tweet every day. I can feel secure in the knowledge that it's helping me to promote my work with almost no effort on my part. It's very convenient. I'd recommend it to anyone. For very little cost, you can reach thousands of people you wouldn't otherwise reach, and also know that QuotesRain team is there to help you every step of the way by working hard on your behalf.

    Heather Guimond
  • Quotes rain has been a integral component of my visibility strategy. I'm not a promotion guru, so the service that Quotesrain provides allows me to focus on what I enjoy most about my writing journey–writing.

    Siera London
  • Quotesrain has helped me begin to channel my thoughts, and begin to use social media. I'm very new to Facebook and Twitter, I'm still in the learning stages.

    Nickii Fowler
  • I use Facebook, and Quotesrain to promote my book. I post on Facebook and I have set tweets that come out of my Quotesrain account to my Twitter account. I am thankful to have Quotesrain to assist me with my marketing, and I will definitely refer this platform to anyone that will listen.