Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. Rumi

  • The Man From Nowhere: She wanted a cowboy; He was a fighter pilot. (I Won't Marry You Book 3)
  • Kentucky Cowboy (Bluegrass Reunion Series Book 6)
  • The  Translucent Boy and the Girl Who Saw Him
  • The ACTIONS: 7 Steps To Awaken A New Mindset To Achieves New Results.
  • Grindr Serial Killer: Stephen Port (British Criminals Book 2)
  • The Dream Born
  • Whitechapel Lass: A heartwarming story of love and endurance
  • The Accident
  • Juan's Revenge: Jeb & Zach Series Book 3
  • Infamous 1
  • The Chosen One: A Haunting Journey Into the Supernatural
  • Crossing Quinn (Coletti Warlords)
  • Apollo's Raven (Curse of Clansmen and Kings Book 1)
  • PAYBACK (A Jordan Welsh Mystery Book 2)
  • Beyond Paradise
  • Timeless: A Gothic Romance
  • Remember His Name: Conquering Sorrow, Accepting Joy
  • The Kangaroo Murders (A Digby Sloan Mystery Book 1)
  • The Case of the Crazy Chickenscratches (Tales of Monstrovia)
  • Lily's Trust (Black Ridge Wolf Pack Book 5)
  • Joined: Book One
  • For Fox Sake
  • A Dress the Color of the Sky
  • Slugger: A Legal Thriller (Rod Cavanaugh Mystery Action Novel Book 1)
  • How A Pro Se Won Justice: An Inside Look at an Educator's Stunning Civil Rights-Employment Victory Against the Chicago Board of Education in the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
  • Into the West: A New Home - Special Edition: Part Two of the First Book in The Territories Saga Serials (S.E. Includes Parts One and Two)
  • Jimmy, the Nature SMART Ninja: A book about Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

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