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"Every book has its own story to tell and each book seems enticing to certain people."

About Us

The AllAuthor team is working round-the-clock to create a platform for readers to find their favorite authors, discover new books, get to know new authors, find free books and many discounted book deals.

Since many of the authors do not write books full time, it proves challenging for them to spend a lot of time in promoting the books that they have so dearly and passionately created. This is where we step in. AllAuthor focuses on the requirements of all types of authors (newcomers, indie, bestsellers) and have come up with ways to help them achieve their promotional goals by supporting them with branding and provides them with various utility and automation tools for promotions.

We are constantly researching and getting feedback from our authors to enhance our services so that the authors can comfortably and effectively spend more time writing their books without worrying much over the promotions.

What is in store for the readers?

    With the wide categories and varieties of books available from established authors to fresh talented authors, there are books for people from all walks of life–doesn’t matter if it is across geographical boundaries and cultures–you will find a book that resonates with your affinity.

  • Every author has their own personal website on AllAuthor and hence readers can get to know more about their favorite authors and their works. And what’s more, you might even find your next favorite author here whose words were all that you were yearning to read for so long!
  • Books are categorized on the basis of different genres, cost and the various online stores from where it can be bought. There is also a section for free e-books where readers can enjoy some of the books for free! Readers have the option of reading sample chapters from the book before making a purchase.
  • P.S: There is also a separate Quotes section which has thousands and thousands of quotes from famous personalities throughout the world and across various centuries.

What is in store for the Authors?

    Every author toils hard to bring a book to the outside world. Nowadays, many are not full-time writers, but even so, they manage to pull it off with writing and publishing an awesome book. Though many think that getting a book published is the hardest part, getting the book to the target readers is where the real challenge lies. Promoting a book makes authors venture into an unknown territory that needs dedicated time and energy which sometimes isn’t possible. This is where AllAuthor steps in.

  • Authors at AllAuthor have access to a wide variety of readers who are on the lookout for something interesting that will blow them off their feet. Each author has a personal website on AllAuthor which is mobile-friendly and SEO friendly, that helps authors in personal branding and in rendering a personal touch to the readers about the author. The author can maintain the website with details about themselves, books they have written and their social media handles to connect with their readers. Once the author has signed up, their books will automatically be displayed in the Book Directory for the readers to choose.
  • With the social media becoming a main determining factor in promotions, AllAuthor’s automation tools for social media promotions goes a long way in not only saving the time but also in maintaining the social media presence without compromising on the quality.
  • AllAuthor saves the time authors spend in creating different content for social media in the form of various utility tools–to make GIFs, banners, book teasers–which are easy to use, requires just a few minutes and can be used to create attractive and unique images and GIFs.
  • New books and deals promotions, piracy monitoring of books, book cover contest are some of the other features the authors will get access to, once they become a member of AllAuthor.
  • Our team has been working constantly to bring more fresh ideas to help out the authors by getting maximum work done in the least possible time.
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