All Time Favourite: Wrecked & Restless (Sacred Sinners MC - Texas Chapter Book 4)

Wrecked & Restless (Sacred Sinners MC - Texas Chapter Book 4)


Publication Date: Mar 05, 2019

Romantic Suspense, Romance

4.9 (291 ratings)

Favourite (5)

What an AMAZING journey. Absolutely worth the read. Bink Cummings never disappoints.
Lisa bible
Awesome author!
Kristi Twaites
Rosie's story. Hard ass chick. A look into a perfect world that becomes destroyer by tragedy.
Stephanie Barnes
Cherrin Livingston
The mystery of Rosie was finally explained, and WOW, did not disappoint. There was such raw emotion, what a read. Bink, I love your books, but the Wrecked Duet just became my fav! I laughed, cried, slammed my hand on my thigh so many times while yelling & cussing at something I read. Kade & Rosie will stay with me for a while. Bravo Bink!
Amy Lea Waterhouse
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