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All Time Favourite: Roman's Revenge: Roman's Adventures, Book One

Roman's Revenge: Roman's Adventures, Book One


Publication Date: Apr 01, 2019

Crime Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romance

4.8 (10 ratings)

Favourite (2)

Jax Roman is the perfect Navy Seal ― brave, gorgeous, and undeniably charming. He's on a dangerous mission to take down the Lobos Cartel, a merciless criminal empire responsible for unimaginable atrocities. While leading his team, the daring hero is thrown into an abyss of corruption, violence, and false allegations. Along the way, Jax is introduced to the brilliant and beautiful psychiatrist, Dr. Kameo Alana. Sadly, the lovely protagonist is quite familiar with the Cartel's cruelty. A series of circumstances bonds Jax and Kameo together in a surprising twist of fate. Undeniable passion and chemistry seals their connection― one which will be tested in unpredictable ways. Roman's Revenge is an action-packed romance brimming with erotic heat and delightful romance. I highly recommend Amber Anthony's brilliant new release!
AnneMarie Dapp
Love the action/adventure romance!
Nancy Reynolds
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