All Time Favourite: Jewel's Gold (Gold Diggers Collection One Book 4)

Jewel's Gold (Gold Diggers Collection One Book 4)


Publication Date: Jul 20, 2019

4.8 (13 ratings)

Favourite (1)

This delightful novella takes place in the wilds of Alaska. {mostly} Jewel’s deceased dad always spoke of hitting the Mother Lobe and now she is determined to follow in his footsteps. She purchases a sailing vessel and outfits it with goods to trade and mining equipment, hires a few men other than her father’s faithful crew and sails to Alaska. Boaz Branson is one of the new men and as all he has ever known is conning folks, he plans to somehow steal the gold and flee. His father has hatched up the plan and has taught him well. He didn’t plan on things turning out the way they did. You will enjoy turning the pages as others on this trip turn out to be other than they were first believed to be. There is adventure, suspense, romance and lots of God’s love and forgiveness. Thanks McAdoo for an interesting read.
judy schexnayder
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