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      • Jennifer Larmar Jennifer Larmar 7 months ago
      • From when I was in my mid-teens, I started writing prose and poems. Then in my twenties, I started writing lyrics for ballads which a talented guitarist friend of mine wrote the music for. We used to perform in a local beach coffee shop on weekends, with some of these numbers making it into our repertoire. In 2002, I won first prize in a competition to write the lyrics for a primary school anthem which is still sung at School Assembly every Friday morning.
        Then in July 2011, I had the privilege of being witness to 'Doctor Zhivago - A New Musical', an exquisite production being performed on stage in my hometown of Brisbane, Australia. This was the catalyst for me to pick up my pen (well actually to sit in front of my PC) and start work on a novel that had been waiting in my heart for many years. One particular song could have been written exclusively for the plight of my characters and so I went home that afternoon and wrote five chapters in the space of the same amount of hours. Eight months later, over 900 pages were sitting in a file on my computer telling the enduring love story of Lara and Adam.
        And with the wonderful encouragement of the composer and lyricists of that same musical, along with their gracious permission, the lyrics of the song "On the Edge of Time" now can be found following the concluding chapter of 'Fractured Symphony', Vol 2 in my series ''Til the End of Time'. And to top off an amazing set of circumstances, I was then invited as their special guest to the Broadway Opening for 'Doctor Zhivago - A New Musical' in April 2015, along with receiving invitations to the private pre-show party of one of the lyricists and the Opening Night Gala held afterwards at the Rockefeller Centre in New York City.
        My life certainly has taken a new and exciting direction from being a Court Reporter for many years ... and I wouldn't change one bit!
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