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Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada I still call Montreal home. Surrounded by my husband, five children and my Siamese cat. I love reading, the smell of spring rain and walking in the first snowfalls of December when the snow is crunchy, especially at night.

I enjoy curling up with a book and losing myself in the characters. I turned that love towards writing to create stories I hope you love too.

I believe everyone is entitled to their own person happily ever after :)

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Free To Try
$3.59 kindleeBook,
Free To Tryby C.W. NightlySeries: Free
Free To Trust
$2.77 kindleeBook,
Free To Trustby C.W. NightlySeries: Free
Neighborly Love
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Neighborly Loveby CW Nightly
A Love Least Expected
$0.99 kindleeBook,
A Love Least Expected by C.W. Nightly

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  • Free

    Free To Trust - Published on Nov, -0001

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