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Dax Munro
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    Suspense Literary Fiction Fantasy

Dax Munro is an eccentric young author from the East of England with a passion for social psychology.
Her debut novel, The Flame Queen explores the depths of a young princess’ mind as she pushes through a traumatic childhood event, to eventually find her own sense of self-worth.

While Dax does plan to continue her fantasy series, she also hopes to delve into the Dystopia and
Suspense genres, as she works toward a social psychology degree.

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The Flame Queen (The Legends of Peradon Book 1)

Publish Date: Jan 15, 2019

Genre: Literary Fiction, Fantasy

avg rating3.9 - 9 reviews on Amazon

Dax Munro's Books

The Flame Queen (The Legends of Peradon Book 1)

The Flame Queen (The Legends of Peradon Book 1)


Publication Date: Jan 15, 2019

Literary Fiction, Fantasy

3.9 (9 ratings)

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      • DaxMunro 5 months AuthorAuthor
      • I've recently begun to notice certain trends in the publishing industry, particularly in regards to fiction aimed at young people. There seems to be this idea that people can't hold different opinions to each other, that we all have to agree on the same way of living and thinking.

        Frankly, I feel that this is really damaging to young people and will stop them from being able to see the world through multiple perspectives, which is what literature was originally all about: sharing perspectives of others to help us to navigate our own lives better.
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