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Jack Lench

The idea for this book has been inside my head for over thirty years, so long now that I don’t even remember where the idea came from. So why write it now?
I would like to be able to say that I went to university, that I studied English, that I was the star pupil in literature at school. I can’t. I hated English at school. The English teacher didn’t like me either. He said that I never checked my work for spelling and grammar mistakes so he called me lazy and he called me a ‘dullard’ (Suffolk for ‘ dim witted’). Strangely, whenever I reviewed my essays, I couldn’t spot any errors. The spelling looked fine to my eyes. I was none of the things he called me. I was, in fact dyslexic. Millions of people love stories, thousands long to write them but probably never will. They may have the writing skills but not the imagination. For me it is the reverse. My English teacher took away my confidence, my belief in myself to ever put pen to paper but he never took away my imagination. Now is the time to step out of my shadow and believe that all things are possible.

GOAL: I write books as a hobby. Would love to come off the road and write full time
MANTRA: 'See where the road takes you'
ACHIEVEMENTS: Getting my books published
QUIRKY FACT: My transport customers know me as ‘superman’ due to my build, my strength and my superman tattoo
FAVORITE BOOK: Down and Out in Paris and London ( G Orwell)

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Illicit Deception (The Robin Ashurst Trilogy Book 1)
$3.7 kindleeBook, Paperback, Audio, Signed Paperback,
Illicit Deception (The Robin Ashurst Trilogy Book 1)by wendy RidoliniPublish: Jun 01, 2020Series: The Robin Ashurst TrilogyCrime Fiction Historical Mysteries Thrillers Suspense
Running Flush (The Robin Ashurst Trilogy Book 2)
$4.2 kindleeBook, Paperback, Signed Paperback,
Running Flush (The Robin Ashurst Trilogy Book 2)by Jack LenchPublish: Jan 28, 2021Series: The Robin Ashurst TrilogyCrime Fiction Thrillers Suspense

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  • The Robin Ashurst Trilogy

    1 Illicit Deception (The Robin Ashurst Trilogy Book 1) - Published on Jun, 20202 Running Flush (The Robin Ashurst Trilogy Book 2) - Published on Jan, 2021

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