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Lea Bronsen

Lea Bronsen

Lea likes her reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strives to give her own stories the same intensity. After a deep dive on the unforgiving world of gangsters with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time between romantic suspenses, dark erotic romances, and crime thrillers.

She's signed with Evernight Publishing, Decadent Publishing, and Insatiable Press. She has also self-published some of her works and participated in the making of several anthologies.

Lea Bronsen Books

A Thorned Rose in the Sand
A Thorned Rose in the Sandby Lea BronsenPublish: May 05, 2018Contemporary Romance
Dark Captive: Manlove Edition
Dark Captive: Manlove Editionby Doris O'ConnorPublish: May 18, 2016Contemporary Romance Dark Romance & Erotica
The Audition
The Auditionby Lea BronsenPublish: Oct 20, 2017Dark Romance & Erotica
Play with Me
Play with Meby Lea BronsenPublish: Dec 12, 2016Contemporary Romance
The Perfect Shoot (Hot Model Mine Book 1)
The Perfect Shoot (Hot Model Mine Book 1)by Lea BronsenPublish: Oct 06, 2014Contemporary Romance
Fiery 10-16: (Smokey Glen 1)
Fiery 10-16: (Smokey Glen 1)by Lea BronsenPublish: Mar 27, 2017Dark Romance & Erotica
Dark & Dirty: A Dark Erotic Fantasy Anthology
Dark & Dirty: A Dark Erotic Fantasy Anthologyby Lea BronsenPublish: Nov 15, 2016Dark Romance & Erotica
Girl Code: An anthology
Girl Code: An anthologyby DC StonePublish: Jul 31, 2015Contemporary Romance
High-Risk Fever
High-Risk Feverby Lea BronsenPublish: Sep 28, 2018Erotic Romance
The Hotter the Love (Hot Model Mine Book 3)
The Hotter the Love (Hot Model Mine Book 3)by Lea BronsenPublish: Aug 17, 2016Contemporary Romance
Mine to Love (Hot Model Mine Book 2)
Mine to Love (Hot Model Mine Book 2)by Lea BronsenPublish: Sep 23, 2015Contemporary Romance
My Biggest Fan (Romance on the Go)
My Biggest Fan (Romance on the Go)by Lea BronsenPublish: Aug 20, 2013Contemporary Romance
Dirty Brilliance
$2.99kindleeBook, Paperback,
Dirty Brillianceby Lea BronsenPublish: Dec 13, 2019Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance LGBT
Shade Addiction
Shade Addictionby Lea BronsenPublish: Mar 13, 2020Contemporary Romance Dark Romance & Erotica
Carnivora: Part 1by Lea BronsenPublish: Sep 20, 2019Series: CarnivoraCrime Fiction Thrillers
Torn Avenger
$3.02kindleeBook, Paperback,
Torn Avengerby Lea BronsenPublish: Sep 20, 2017Historical Romance
Wild Hearted
eBook, Paperback,
Wild Heartedby Lea BronsenPublish: Feb 24, 2013Crime Fiction Thrillers Suspense

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