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Reece Pocock lives in Adelaide, South Australia, with his wife Marilyn, and after a short Army calling, he enjoyed a business career in sales and management. He had a major role in introducing the Bobcat Skid steer loader to the South Australian market.
However, as an avid reader, Reece's passion was to become a writer. He used this knowledge to launch his career with Marilyn's encouragement. He studied for four years and obtained his Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing). With these qualifications, he had to decide whether to become a novelist, a screenwriter, a short-story writer, an article writer, or children's stories. He tried all five with some success.

As a novelist he completed three novels, Murder on Display, (now published by Custom Book Publications) a crime story about a psychopath who displays his victims. The Soldiers, a German immigrant faces prejudice in Australia. The Politics of Murder is about a clandestine nuclear dump in Western Australia, and the associated political intrigue that followed. He is researching a fourth.
His major success as a screen writer was a high commendation in the Di Cranston Award administered by the Fellowship of Australian Writers, for his adaptation of The Soldiers.
Reece won the Burnside short-story contest. The on-line magazine TheCheers published twelve stories. The Crime Writers of SA anthology published, The Girl in the Red Beret and What a Dirty Little Town.
TheCheers published sixty articles written by Reece, mostly about politics, and he writes regularly for an Earthmoving magazine with a national circulation.
He has also written several children's stories.

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The Politics of Murder
$2.99 kindleeBook,
The Politics of Murderby Reece PocockCrime Fiction Thrillers
Refugee: A new country and Rolf must learn to live again
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Refugee: A new country and Rolf must learn to live againby Reece PocockPublish: Sep 05, 2016Literary Fiction
The Killing Men
$2.99 kindleeBook, Paperback, Signed Paperback,
The Killing Menby Reece PocockPublish: Nov 21, 2018Thrillers

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