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To Live, Love & Lose, This memoir will take you all around the world and comfort and shock any who ever have lived, loved or lost.
From Loughshinny, Dublin, Ireland. After many travels of the worlds towns, cities and states, anyone from loughshinny will tell you no where better to grow up in the world.

A drop out from school around 12 yrs of age, I have grown throughout the world and made many mistakes along the way to learn and learn hard the knocks of life. In my personal loss of two children adult life has something missing. Although the struggles continue there is a unique feeling of never give up.

I keep my babies with me everyday and have shared with the world the stories of my adventures and my darkest days. there is nothing special about me, I just see that it is what it is, some call it strength, many cannot understand. Stubborn Irishness is a great excuse to continue forward, ask any Irish man.

At 40 now, there is no real message or theme but to say this, to all you parents out there cherish every waking hour with your very special babies.
Born big and strong in 76, the 80's were a great time to grow up. The protector came natural as with the larger than life personality and frame,The universe has knocked me down but I get right back up only to be knocked again and again. Accepting the facts is always tough, so we search for forgiveness to this universe everyday to break the shackles, hurt is a prison and I from a very young young age refused to be held prisoner or even conform. This is surely what has led to my winding and twisting life thus far.
You can reach me on twitter @TWOsonsTOOmany or FB TWO sons TOO many

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TWO sons TOO many

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TWO sons TOO many

TWO sons TOO many


Biographies & Memoirs

4.5 (36 ratings)

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Aidan McNally Interview

  • On 23, 04 2019

    Aidan McNally interview

    Aidan McNally grew up in Loughshinny and was here till he was seventeen years of age. He has never believed in quitting and never given up. His book, 17 & Life is a look back to when he was a teenager and an honest account of where he found himself at only 17 years of age. In all seriousness, writing his own life helps him acknowledge and accept that these things... read full interview

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      • Completing a project which means book I guess. Having actually began, suffered away the process of start stop and start stop again, then finally having it complete and done.
        This is a major success and what a great feeling of achievement. Any who write. Just keep on writing.
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