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Alexandra Christle
Alexandra Christle
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Alexandra has not traveled to 47 countries, worked in law enforcement for 25 years where she single-handedly apprehended ten of the world's most wanted, or practiced law or psychiatry.
She doesn't speak 5 languages fluently, rival Beethoven on the piano, or send her rescue dogs to save flood victims. In fact, currently, she is pet-less.

She does, however, do a heck of a lot of research.

She has jumped from an airplane, spent the day on a commercial shrimp boat, spent a weekend with a houseful of Navy SEALs, and hitchhiked across 3 states. She has worked for newspapers, taught high school English, and had a lengthy stint as a graphic designer. Raised a son and daughter, scored 3 grandchildren; and, written a few books along the way.

The human condition and people fascinate her, and especially men. They are, in her words, pretty cool creatures.

And she imagines.

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Hitchin' (A Michael Reyes Thriller)

Publish Date: May 09, 2018

Genre: Thrillers

avg rating4.7 - 11 reviews on Amazon

Alexandra Christle's Books

Hitchin' (A Michael Reyes Thriller)


Publication Date: May 09, 2018


4.7 (11 ratings)

Between Nowhere and Lost

Between Nowhere and Lost


Publication Date: Apr 06, 2019

Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction

4.9 (10 ratings)

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