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Anisoara Laura Mustetiu is a Romanian writer living in Australia. She studied German literature and Journalism (ILS) in Hamburg and Creative Writing and Business Communication at the Griffith University in Australia. Her poems were published in various Romanian Cultural Magazines, such as ‘Confluente literare’, ‘Logos si Agape’, Armonii culturale’, ‘Climate literare’ and ‘Aşi români’ and much more.

She is also writing essays, one of these, ‘The Secret of Writing, was published in 2019 in the Romanian Anthology of Essays ‘Taina Scrisului’ and 'The World of Books' was published in 2020 in ‘Worlds and Words,’ a bilingual and biannual German-English literary magazine, in cooperation with PEN-Austria.

Anisoara Laura Mustetiu is Member of the Australian-Romanian Academy for Culture, World Literature Academy and World Poets Association.

Anisoara Laura sees life as a deep exploration and expression of unique and inestimable feelings, thoughts and emotions. And she has purposed to capture those human values through poetry, which are reflected in themes of love, of loss and of migration. As her poems describe, life could be an adventure, a dream, an illusion, a wonderful poem or endless love. Her poems are for you, as a reader to journey into a new world, into a world of poetic imagery.

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TRAVEL IN TIME: A LIFE STORY IN POEMSby Anişoara Laura MusteţiuPublish: Feb 23, 2020Contemporary Romance
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Anisoara Laura Mustetiu interview On 01, Jun 2020

"Growing up in a magic atmosphere of books, Anisoara Laura Mustetiu was driven by a pure passion for writing at an early age. The author captures the truest essence of feelings, thoughts, and emotions to be reflected in her poetry. Many readers out there have fallen in love with her poetry and wish to continue reading them. Her debut novel, TRAVEL IN TIME is written to make you smile, cry, and shudder by the magic of love and of life."
Where have you spent most of your childhood? What literary pilgrimages have you gone on?

I grew up in a magic atmosphere of books, of suave waves of creativity and writing. My father was a well-known poet in Timisoara, the old city of Romania. He was often sitting at his desk, gazing in the air, lost in an unknown world. I was little. I could not read or write, but at that time I already understood that the world of books is something very special and magical.

Later, in my adolescence, I felt that writing is a free manifestation of our spirit into new spheres, a manifestation that could evoke great actions into the world. Inspired by those thoughts I started to write narrative poems.

What is the biggest challenge of writing poetry?

I don’t see any challenge in writing poetry. Poetry, like life itself, has sometimes an adventurous surprising path. Verses are sparks of our spirit that spring from our inner world. We give them meaning, vibration, we release them into the day light, and they become real. Sometimes, verses would die after a while, forgotten on a dusty path of their ephemeral destiny. And other times, they would travel into the world and rest somewhere under a reader ‘sight. There, they would amaze and touch with their magic some human spirits, as once my spirit was touched, for all future time.

How did your friends and family react to your first book?

Everybody was happy. After 28 years my soul went back there, to the place I was born, touching with its wrings my father’s library and whispering to his soul - ‘thank you, dear father, for teaching me the passion for reading, the excitement of writing.’ 

How do you think your book, "TRAVEL IN TIME: A LIFE STORY IN POEMS" will help the readers to journey into a new world, into a world of poetic imagery?

My book tells the story of a young girl and her profound and painful love, the story of her loneliness, of her travel across the world. Although her story is apart, the dream of love is prevalent and resonates with the destiny of many young women around the world. The combination of diverse cultures, of real events wrapped into a poetical form, contribute to the distinct spirit of the story. Feasibly, during the journey readers might also giggle or shudder by seeing the ghost of their own love story.

Being a poet, what advice would you give to someone who is planning to write his/her first book?

Writing free from any pressure of time. Writing with passion. Having a good editor is crucial. Self-publishers shall start building an extensive social media network at least one year before publishing the book.

What inspired your first book? How many times did you have to revise the book before it was finally published?

As one of my book readers described:
‘Travel in Time, A Life Story in Poems proves that the sentiments expressed by Rumi nearly eight hundred years ago, “only the soul knows what love is,” still hold true today.’
True. The pure love inspired me to write my first book.

English is my fifth language I have learned. So, I had to revise my text a few times. Thus, I was also lucky to find a good editor.

What do you feel is the one characteristic that a book has to have to keep you glued to it?

Life experiences are unique and precious, as well as thoughts and emotions. What makes books different is the authenticity of emotions, the imageries that spring from the depth of a creative, talented spirit.

What are some of the things you have learned from your favourite authors?

Before all, my father’s poems touched me deeply. They were carrying the sparkling impulse that inspired me to step into the fascinating world of poetry. I adore Romanian poets like Eminescu or Alecsandri, German poets like Goethe, Rilke, ancient poets like Homer and Ovid and contemporary poets like Maya Angelou and Rupi Kaur. Their verses are vibrating a variety of tones chiming with the waves of rhythm and rhyme. Their poems taught me that poetry has neither limits nor time. They captured and carved life’s pictures in their verses, seemingly forever.

What challenges did you face while writing your book, TRAVEL IN TIME: A LIFE STORY IN POEMS?

No challenges but endless joy.

Criticism, whether constructive or otherwise is part and parcel of any art form. How do you deal with reviews of your books- both positive and negative?

I like constructive criticism. It helps me to better understand some missing parts in my writing, it helps me to grow. Personally, I would never write a negative review. I have too much respect for the diversity of creative spirits, for the hard work writers do, mostly paid back with very low earnings.

In what ways do you try to better understand the craft of writing?

I like the practice of deep observation. One morning, I saw a white rose in our garden. I watched it from a distance, it was moving slightly in the wind. The tranquillity of those moments touched my senses. I gazed at it and felt amazed by the scenery. My mind was filled with new impressions. Almost instinctively, I started to write a few verses:

A white rose moves slightly in the wind,
While tender rays illuminate her sacred colours,
She opens, and leaves behind a tear,
For a beauty, people neither see, nor bear,
The beauty of nature, and her forgotten colours.

Practically, I filtered a fragment of life and exposed it bare in my verses.

What is your writing dream? How close do you think you are to achieving it?

I will continue to write, driven by a pure passion for writing. If my poems will touch and amaze with their magic some human spirits, I would consider myself a lucky writer.

What are some book ideas that you've got bouncing around in your head? When can we expect the next publication?

The smile of a child illuminated my journey of writing a children book. The book will be published soon.

I am also working on a second narrative poetry book and aim to finish a collection of short stories.

What are some of your favorite poems that you re-read during quarantine?

I am very lucky to be part of a writing community group in Twitter. There are some great poets, who delighted me with their verses. Sometimes I re-read Rupi Kaur’s poems. Her verses are natural and so realistic.

How many promotional websites are you signed onto? How were you introduced to AllAuthor and how do you think it compares to the rest?

I discovered AllAuthor by browsing through internet. AllAuthor is the virtual place that gives me a sense of being at ‘home.’ I like their professional marketing team and its creative spirit. I like their constantly evolving promotional ideas, their tools and banners. For me, AllAuthor is the right place to display and promote my books, to enfold great and informative relationships with authors, and hopefully with many readers.

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