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Anna Casamento Arrigo
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After suffering from a stroke,I retired from teaching and am,now,a multi-genre author and abstract impressionist artist! I have been married over 40 years,mother of five and grandmother of 12!
I am a survivor!

Anna Casamento Arrigo Books

Feathers and Stones: A collection of poemsby Anna Casamento-ArrigoPublish: Jun 01, 2019Poetry
The Shadow's Secretsby Anna Casamento ArrigoPublish: Mar 03, 2014
Weeds Beneath the Open Meadowsby Anna Casamento ArrigoPublish: Jun 02, 2013Biographies & Memoirs
$4.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
Woman Strong: A Collection of Poemsby Anna Casamento ArrigoPublish: Jan 01, 2020Poetry
What Little Girls Can Do!
What Little Girls Can Do!by Anna Casamento ArrigoPublish: May 15, 2017
Hunter Learns About Diversity
Hunter Learns About Diversityby Anna Casamento Arrigo M EdPublish: Sep 29, 2014
Hunter Learns About Honesty
Hunter Learns About Honestyby Anna Casamento Arrigo M EdPublish: Jan 17, 2014
Brady and the Bombii Bumblebee
$9.95kindle Free with KUeBook,
Brady and the Bombii Bumblebeeby Anna Casamento ArrigoPublish: Sep 20, 2018
Colin and the Legend of the Weeping Willow
Colin and the Legend of the Weeping Willowby Anna Casamento ArrigoPublish: Sep 22, 2017Children's
Of All That I Could Be!
Of All That I Could Be!by Anna Casamento ArrigoPublish: Apr 24, 2018Children's
The Shadow’s Secrets
The Shadow’s Secretsby Anna Casamento ArrigoPublish: Aug 12, 2014Romantic Suspense
Patience, Vinny, Patience
Patience, Vinny, Patienceby Anna Casamento ArrigoPublish: Apr 06, 2017

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