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Hello and welcome,
I'm Anne Marshall and I love to write. Follow me and my stories and discover worlds you may only dream of. Characters you would only find in lands that would never exist outside of the pages I've written, and storylines that are fit for mad kings, witches with power issues, and gods and goddesses out for blood.

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The Cursed Prince
(5) $4.49 kindleeBook,
The Cursed Princeby Anne MarshallPublish: Oct 28, 2018Series: A Knight and Her PrinceSupernatural Suspense Fantasy Teen & Young Adult
Once Bitten, Twice Turned
(5) $5.31 kindleeBook,
Once Bitten, Twice Turnedby Anne MarshallPublish: Sep 23, 2018Series: The Hybrid Theory SeriesSupernatural Suspense Paranormal Romance Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

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  • A Knight and Her Prince

    The Cursed Prince - Published on Oct, 2018
  • The Hybrid Theory Series

    Once Bitten, Twice Turned - Published on Sep, 2018

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      • Anne Marshall Anne Marshall 1 year ago
      • Sitting in a large, soft armchair with my computer, typing line after line with little to no distractions. Looking up and seeing my own books along with my favorite authors. Being able to stand up and pick my book among the hundreds I have waiting to be read, that is the dream. I've accomplished this dream and feel I've reached my own brand of literary success. Sure the sparkle and shine of great success with fame and admiration are appealing, but keeping it small time and enjoying the moment I'm in right now keeps me humble and gives me the fire to keep writing my stories.
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      • Anne Marshall Anne Marshall 1 year ago
      • Intrigue, otherwise known as plot, for me that's what grabs the reader and sucks them in first. Without plot or intrigue, there is no story and if there is a story without it, it would be quite boring. I believe, even with boring characters or ones that don't know what they're doing, if there is a good plot then that doesn't matter as much. In a perfect world, well rounded and interesting characters along with an interesting plot make a really good story but it isn't a perfect world and there aren't perfect writers that get both of those on point with each piece they write. Get your plot down and make it interesting and pull your readers in, that's the most important thing in my opinion.
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